MENAsist    The Satellite and Broadcast Systems Integrator Company



    MENAsist is the satellite communications and broadcasting systems integrator company, located in Istanbul, Turkey, covering all Middle East countries in addition to Turkey, having experience, business cooperation and strategic partnerships with the stakeholders world-wide. 

    MENAsist has completed several projects such as Satcom antenna, uplink-downlink system installations, Digital TV Head-End, Earth Stations, DVB-T and IPTV solutions, for various broadcasters. 

    MENAsist is highly specialised in the provision of Broadcast Project Solutions, Broadcast Equipment Sales, Broadcast Systems Integration, IPTV solutions, VSAT Network and Broadcast /Terrastrial/Cable Installations by providing full systems project from planning to installation and also by providing the required part of the process such as only installation of any given system. 

    MENAsist serves all markets as a single know-how and work-force source for satellite and VSAT hardware systems, digital video systems, IPTV, Broadcast Systems installation materials providing, systems integration, as well as the ongoing training and sustainable maintenance technical support. We do this by providing highly reliable, field proven components from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

    MENAsist is the leading company in the industry, not only for being fully dedicated to provide top level, reliable, favorable, complete and affordable solutions to the TV and Radio Broadcast market and Telecom companies, but also cooperating with all partners to ensure that the final outcome is the best in class. 

    MENAsist successfully completed big scale projects at Turkey, Monaco, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Gabon, Niger etc.